Le jardin extraordinaire

Series of drawings on paper - 2024


Ephemeral beauty trapped in a world of fantasy. A window opening onto a garden of the Daitoku-Ji temple in Kyoto inspires this series of drawings. The rebirth of nature, the cycle of seasons and the concept of flying time are among my favorite themes. The black tree waits patiently to be reborn in springs in a fireworks display of colours inspired by the world of Japanese video games.

The benches

Series of photos taken with a mobile phone - 2024


A bench is this passive witness to the flying time. It is a place where we come to rest and savour the present moment. It promotes social connections at a time when citizens are more alone than ever. It is a symbol of openness to discussion. Like an inert sculpture, it suddenly comes alive when we sit there. Then it resumes its posture as a piece of art when we leave it.

La vie ne tient qu´à un fil

"La vie ne tient qu´à un fil"

Painting on canvas - 2023

 120x150cm - Coloured markers and pencils


28 drawings hang lightly from a washing line , attached to clothespins. Clichés of everyday life, quirky characters and humor compose this work which suggests the ephemeral side of life. This painting combines both elements of my first series "Elements sages" and the characters of my series "The Molly Wolly Marcus Show". 

The wall

Series of paintings on canvas. Mixed techniques. From 2022


The wall, an omnipresent architectural element in our environment, allows a multitude of functions. Protection, support, isolation. In the street, they become a creative playground for artists and anonymous individuals. Walls illustrate this existential need to leave a personal trace on earth and send the viewers face to face with their own solitude. There is both a political and societal messages behind those works. The damaged walls sculpted and worn by the action of time and human are witnesses of history. Those livid structures emphasise the importance of never forgetting the episodes of the past despite the passage of time in order not to repeat the same mistakes. 

Come fly with me

Series of drawings on paper - From 2019


This series invites the viewer to dream about a journey. Those artworks are the culmination of an artistic process which extends over time. I take pictures of sights flown by night. The earth seen from the sky offers a dazzling spectacle that the obscurity and the lights transcend. These are snapshots of landscapes. Those drawings immortalise a society in perpetual motion, hostage of the flying time.

The Wolly Molly Marcus Show

Series of drawings on paper - From 2018

Different sizes


"The Molly Wolly Marcus Show" is made up of several colourful burlesque characters with an easy concept: bringing a touch of humour in our daily lives.  To get out of the daily routine, take a break and enjoy the time that flies in a more playful side of my art.


Those characters come out of the imagination of our childhood or from some classic movies. They represent different professions, scenes from everyday life or are simply inspired by people crossed in the street. A few lines are enough to plant his characters in a particular atmosphere.  Black and white, or coloured,  those illustrations inspire confidence and sympathy within a click. A direct language, a light tone and a quick stroke of the pencil are the fundamentals of  this collection. However, these illustrations often symbolise a daily news, an emotion or a social issue.


The concept is developed in other forms such as lampshades, wallpapers, flowerpots and paintings.

Laisser une trace

Series of paintings on canvas - 2016

Different sizes


How to slow down the process of flying time ? This question has become essential in my recovery after a severe surgery in 2011. This series is the first official act in my current artistic process. The flow of paint drops is frozen for ever on the canvas as soon as the paint has dried. Dates immortalise the present moment in my act of painting. The footprints suggest a movement, a human presence at a specific moment. All those elements provide an answer to the theme of passage of time.

Elements Sages

Series of paintings on canvas - From 2011

Different sizes


A characteristic feature of my paintings and drawings is geometrical and organic forms where random elements which come up in the process of composition finally melt into a structured, colourful whole. These works evoke worlds where fantasy is the key of happiness. They are hymns to nature, to the beauty of simple things, to the contemplation.