A self-taught artist with a passion for decoration, Marcus defines himself as a multidisciplinary art creator. His artistic world encompasses paintings, drawings, sculptures, lightings, photography, videos and installations. Among the artists who have had an influence on his development since the outset are Serge Poliakoff, Josef Frank and Tatsuo Miyajima.


Although Marcus likes to give his imagination free rein, like a floating electron, there has been a guiding thread running through his pictorial work since the 2000s. A characteristic feature of his paintings and drawings is geometrical and organic forms where random elements which come up in the process of composition finally melt into a structured, colourful whole.


The concept of the passage of time also plays an important role in his approach. Most of his recent works reflect this idea of time flying.


On Instagram, he presents shorts videos recounting some little stories of everyday life lived by imaginary characters. 


Alongside his career as an artist, he has also been developing a new, targeted way of working in the decorative arts. This approach appeals directly to private individuals and professional interior designers. He offers bespoke hand embroidered cushions and hand painted lampshades decorated with small funny characters.


He wrote his first novel "La Mélodie des Effluves" in 2023. A series of short stories about the passage of time during a pandemic or how a French chef and a Japanese pianist will learn to know each other during a lockdown.


Marcus, who comes from Brussels, is now based in Stockholm and works in both cities. 




Academy of Arts in Brussels - 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2005.


Solo exhibitions

L´Olivier - Brussels - 1996

Le Sablon - Brussels - 1997

La Commanderie - Brussels - 2001

L´Arte - Brussels - 2002

Actor´s Studio - Brussels - 2002

Espace Art Gallery - Brussels - 2012

La Petite Galerie Francaise - Stockholm- 2013

Hedengrens Gallery - Stockholm - 2018

Bar à vins - Stockholm - 2019

Galleri Storgatan - Stockholm- 2020

Galleri Hind - Stockholm - 2022

Galleri Hind - Stockholm - 2022 ( Stockholm Design Week )


Group exhibitions

Château Saint-Anne - Brussels - 1996

L´Aquarelle - Brussels - 2001

La Petite Galerie Francaise - Stockholm - 2013 - 2014 

Vogelsang Gallery - Affordable Art Fair - NewYork - 2014

Detroit Gallery - Stockholm-  2018


Art Project

Urban Deli - Stockholm - 2016

Bert Van Hoecke Interiors - Stockholm - 2017

Coco and Carmen restaurant - Stockholm - 2018

Gerald Watelet Interiors - Brussels - 2019

Schmaltz Bar and Delikatessen - Stockholm - 2020

Sparrow Hotel - Stockholm - 2021

New collection of cushions with Kisany - Brussels - 2022



"La mélodie des effluves" - 2023


Press & Bibliography

"Etats d´âmes - âmes d´états: émotions chromatiques" - arts et lettres -  Francois Speranza - 2012

Recueil N°5 - Editions d´art EAG Brussels - 2015




 Works in private collection in Brussels, London, Luxembourg, Paris, Malta, Milan, NewYork and Stockholm.