The Molly Wolly Marcus Show

"The family" - 21x30 - pencil and marker on papper - 2020 - Available 

In addition to his purely artistic work and his decorative approach, Marcus has developed a more playful side of his art. "The Molly Wolly Marcus Show" is made up of several colourful burlesque characters with a easy concept: bringing a touch of humour in our daily lives.  To get out of the daily routine, take a break and enjoy the time that flies.


Those characters come out of the imagination of our childhood or from some classic movies. They represent different professions, scenes from everyday life or are simply inspired by people crossed in the street.

A few lines are enough to plant his characters in a particular atmosphere.  Black and white, or coloured,  those illustrations inspire confidence and sympathy within a click. A direct language, a light tone and a quick stroke of the pencil are the fundamentals of  this collection. However, these illustrations often symbolise a daily news, an emotion or a social issue.


The concept is developed in other forms such as lampshades, wallpapers, flowerpots, lights and paintings.



Les sportifs

Nos amis, les animaux

Les belles


Paintings, lampshades and lalala...

"Celine arriving at the Plaza"- 92x73x3 - acrylic on canvas - sold