Come fly with me

Landing somewhere on earth.


This series of drawings are an invitation to dream and travel. When I travel by plane, I like picture places overflown at night. Towns and villages, roads and highways or sparsely populated regions.

Seeing the earth from the sky is an intense and calming sensation. It offers a dazzling show that the night and the artificial lights transcend.


Those photos portray snapshots of a trip, snapshots of the  flying time. They inspire my drawing. I reinterpret the aerial view by night and create a frozen, abstract and poetic moment of this fleeting reality. It is my own way to capture the time.


"When I was little, I used to play with a model railway, I imagined landscapes and I built my world. Today, reality is still much an inspiration to draw imaginary spaces. Through my work, I feel like an architect sketching a poetic and wonderful world.


And I fly..."