September 8, 2022

Interview with Kisany. Thank you Carole Fredericq.

September 5, 2022

Proud to be part of Stockholm Design Week from September 5 until September 11 at the Galleri Hind, Stockholm with the exhibition "Hej på dig". The new collection of hand embroidered cushions and hand painted lampshades will be on show. 

July 6, 2022

"Hej på dig" - New hand painted lampshades


Launch of a new series of lampshades. The lampshades are inspired by the Swedish way of life and the rhythm of the seasons. With all the characters of the Molly Wolly Marcus Show painted by hand, each model becomes a unique object of decoration. The overall vibe is fun and chic with neutral tones which will look great in any settings.

July 1, 2022

"Hej på dig" - New hand embroidered cushions collection

Launch of a new series of cushions. Marcus presents " Hej på dig ", an interior collection of hand embroidered cushions full of amusing and naive characters inspired by the Swedish way of life and some Scandinavian traditions. This series is made up of 12 unique designs with an original vibe. A collaboration with Kisany, a Belgian social enterprise.

February 7, 2022

"If walls could talk, between hope and despair."


"Marcus is pleased to invite you to a new exhibition of paintings at the Galleri Hind, Hälsingegatan 33, Stockholm, from February 11 to February 13.


Painted two years before the pandemic, this series of artworks never exhibited reflects the silence of the witnesses of our time and plunges the viewer into a journey full of hope and despair.


Marcus imagines and paints the walls without detour. He paints them as they are. He picks out the details that magnify his subject. A word. A crevice. A drawing. A signature. A trace of moisture. A symbol. A tag. A crack. The walls of ancient Venetian buildings, old Italian palaces or Roman villas from another era. Walls here or elsewhere. Marcus leaves us alone standing in front of his paintings, those walls, the history, our stories.


Marcus has developed a visual language on the border between figuratism and abstraction. He shapes his painting like a mason builds his wall then methodically he creates the patina of passing time with sand and other mortar. He finally signs his work with geometric forms as others would mark them with graffiti. He sketches the plans of future imaginary cities on walls filled with history. Angles, lines and curves redesign the canvas and blur the viewer in a final act, between past and future, reality and illusion, hope and despair."


"If walls could talk, between hope and despair."

Galleri Hind - Stockholm

Open days & opening hours

Fri 11 Feb - 17-20 / Sat 12 Feb - 12-17 / Sun 13 Feb - 12-16



"Paolo & Alessia" - 45x38 - 2022

January 19, 2022

New exhibition with new paintings at the Hind Gallery, Stockholm.

From Feb 11 to Feb 13.


" La ligne du temps " - 120x150 cm

October 27, 2021

New collaboration with the Sparrow Hotel in Stockholm. Two paintings of The Molly Wolly Marcus Show are exhibited in the lobby. Thank you Josefine.

"Celine at the Plaza"

"La Comtesse della Paella et Guérart le rockeur"

October 15, 2021

New collaboration with Visto, an art consulting firm. Visto will produce museum standard prints of two drawings "Belle des bois I" and "Belle des Bois II" which will be framed and installed in the Royal Suite of a hotel in Abu Dhabi. More details to come.

"Belle des Bois I"

"Belle des Bois II"

March 2, 2021

Pair of lampshades with trimmings decorated by hand.

" We are family III" and "We are family IV" - 23x30


March 2, 2021

Office chair customised with different fabrics and fringe.

" Hector, l´hawaîen"



March 1, 2021

Lampshade with trimmings decorated by hand. 

"Sam, the DJ"



October 23, 2020


New lampshade made for a client in London. 

" The Lord et Amélie, la fille des champs" - 23x40cm


July 30, 2020


Two drawings from the "The Molly Wolly Marcus Show" series were used as a model for making those embroidered cushions.


Very nice work by Marie Berthouloux - Studio Ekceli Paris -

April 17, 2020


The exhibition " The Molly Wolly Marcus Show" is on view at the gallery "GalleriStorgatan" from April 16th until April 26th. Welcome!

April 8, 2020


Despite the coronavirus situation, my next exhibition "The Molly Wolly Marcus Show" will be shown at the "Galleri Storegatan" i Stockholm from April 16 to April 26. The gallery will exhibit some of my most recent drawings, lampshades, a unique light and some flower pots. It will be open to the public only by appointment. 

February 6, 2020


Exhibition of my new wallpaper "Le marché" at "Schmaltz Bar and Delicatessen" in Stockholm. On view until February 16. This is an example of how to adapt  my vision of art and interior design to a specific environment. The theme reminds of those typical "échoppes de marché" we can see in Paris or Brussels while the colors and the illustrations of fish, shellfish, vegetables and game fit perfectly in this private room closed to the kitchen. - Nybrogatan 19, Stockholm

December 10, 2019


Solo exhibition at the "Bar à vins" in Stockholm. Selection of the newest drawings of the series called "The Molly Wolly Marcus Show". The challenge is to propose a series of drawings that fits in the so cosy and typical ambiance of a real "Bar à vins". The funny and serious but not too serious characters of this series are matching with the unpretentious and family friendly style of this french bar. Hanging the works on the mirror gives another perspective on the entire room. - Narvavägen 32, Stockholm

May 27,  2019


Hand painted wall with a floral art-deco touch created for a private client. Photo SVD 

April 20, 2019


"Sans Lune" in the elegant and stylish showcase of Gerald Watelet Interiors Show-room.

March 5,  2019


This painting "Sans Lune" is the perfect example of my favourite series called "Elements Sages".  The variety of blue nuances are revealed thanks to a subtil lighting. It is now on view at Gerald Watelet Interiors in Brussels.


December 7, 2018


Some of my new drawings on show at the restaurant "Coco and Carmen" in Stockholm. Thank you Niklas for your great help and enthusiasm for this project.